Travel ticket for your Wedding Invitation

IMG_1071Here is a ticket that invites your guest to your wedding.  There is a tear off section to return as an RSVP and for this wedding we included another ‘ticket’ that was for the guests menu selections.

The suitcase on the front and the aged paper were designed to match the vintage travel theme of the wedding but the design on the front could have been a boat, car or a plane. For a cleaner look crisp white documents could be chosen with shades of blue maybe for the writing.

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Luggage tags for a vintage travel themed wedding


Earlier in the year I was asked to develop a whole set of stationery for a vintage wedding.  Their thank you tags were the last thing that I did but I do think they were a lovely idea from the bride and groom.  They could be on a favour or around a napkin.

I will share some of the other stationery at another time but I really enjoyed developing this particular theme.

Luggage tags

Luggage tags

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White on white invitation

IMG_0765White in white is very on trend at the moment, so I have chosen a bright white background and a winter white additions as this helps to see the intricate detail.  Although this was designed as a wedding invitation, with a silver or gold heart, it would make a wonderful anniversary card or invitation.

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Black and white invitations – one starting place – two cards

DSCF4426These cards have a lot in common, both have an old fashioned feel with the silhouettes and have wonderful curves.  However, they do have an individual feel.  It is always amazing how you can start off with a similar idea and end up with different cards.  The photo does not show that they are both on wonderful pearlescent card and on the smaller card the lace is cut not printed.  The silhouettes could also be used on save the date and place name cards, where you would use the appropriate figure for each guest.

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Ornate, faded elegant pink invitation

IMG_1076This card has a touch of the opulent about it.  Lots of swirls and pearls on the invitation and the matching place name could, with ease, with added words, be an RSVP or save the date.

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Alternative Black and white invitation

Using the same theme as the previous card, I decided to make an alternative which I feel is equally successful.  Layering white on white and then toping with a piece of white lace gives this card a softer look.IMG_1081

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black and white elegant invitations with eye catching favour boxes


These Bride and Groom invitations always get a pleasing reaction at the wedding fairs.  They have a modern feel without breaking all the rules.  As you can see there is a matching place name and save the date would not be difficult to coordinate.  The favour boxes representing the bride and groom complete the set.

Each of these items is available separately so if you wanted just the favours or invitations then that is possible.

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A New collection

IMG_1067A bit of change in the new year.  No glitz on this collection – although there is a bit of lace.  The cream and copper I feel go really well together and if you wanted to make it even richer looking you could add some pearls ( I think I will go and do that when I have finished writing this blogIMG_1066I have also added a favour box, name tag and “save the date’ card to this collection for a really  coordinated look.  I hope you like it

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Christmas break with cards

Well the New Year is here and with new resolutions – mine is definitely going to be to update the blog more regularly. In my defence Christmas was very busy with family and then a post Christmas bug, something had to give! To make up for the lack of posts I thought I would share some of the Christmas cards that I made for people this year


These are a selection of what I refer to as my up-cycled cards – cards I have been sent in previous years cut up and remounted to make new cards.


These are the cards that are made from scratch, hand stamped and hand coloured.


And these are cut from a die then embellished with my usual bit of glitz!!

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A nod to shabby chic

IMG_0013Sorry there has been no post for a while – I have been away on holiday.

Now I am back I thought I would post another of my cards.  Although this was not are as a wedding invitation, it could be used as it is, or simplified a little.  The background is embossed, then hand coloured.  It certainly feels very spring like.

The mounted cards could be used on their own as either ‘save the date’ cards or RSVP’s

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